Meet our founder

Who is Akshay Nanavati?

Our founder, Akshay Nanavati lives and breathes adventure. His journey in the outdoors began during his 6 year stint in the United States Marine Corps. After successfully completing the rigorous and infamous Marine Boot Camp, he began searching for other ways to challenge himself. He took up skydiving, scuba diving, hiking, mountain biking, ice climbing, mountaineering, cross country skiing, caving and as you can see in the picture above ice caving. Each activity forced him to face a different fear and find a way to move forward despite it. After experiencing the immense power of repeatedly pushing himself outside his comfort zone, he discovered his life purpose.

In September 2007, he left the United States for a 7 month tour in Iraq with the Marines. The experience gave him a new sense of power. The power to make a difference in people’s lives. He connected with the Iraqi people and worked with them to better their future. His company opened up a train station, asphalt plant and began rebuilding the Iraqi political infrastructure during their 7 month deployment.

As soon as he returned from the war, he left for the wilderness. He spent the summer of 2008 climbing Mera Peak in Nepal, Pangarchulla Peak in India, and finally Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. There, on the roof of Africa, the seeds for Amara were planted in his mind. Three years later, he combined his two passions of outdoor adventure and supporting people in transforming their lives to create Amara Adventures LLC. The dream is now a reality. Even today, Kilimanjaro remains in his heart as the birthplace of Amara and it will remain a fundamental part of our offerings.

Along with this company, he runs a life/executive coaching practice where he works with people to manifest their dreams and live their purpose. You can read more about him on his personal website where he blogs about his experiences in the unknown: