Meet our team

Expedition Coordinator – Rohan Chadha


Rohan joined Amara while in the midst of his own global travels. He comes from a background in business development, and following the sale of his company, he chose to leave the US and travel by working in various non-profits and NGO’s. Rohan has traveled to 42 countries and has lived in Ecuador, Thailand, England and India. Rohan offers a unique perspective on exploration and is a firm believer in the AMARA approach. He practices socially responsible travelling and enjoys teaching English and bringing pencils and paper to children in remote areas all over the world.

After a near fatal car crash in 2002, Rohan sustained serious injuries to his legs and was faced with his first serious uphill climb, learning to walk for the second time. The doctors told him that he would need to have his knees replaced by the time he was thirty. Through his recovery and rehabilitation he visualized himself traveling the world and achieving the seemingly impossible feats of climbing major mountains, and he quickly realized that with perseverance, hard work and a clear objective, he could accomplish anything.

Rohan has since climbed routes on the historic “Via Ferrata” in the Italian Dolomites, has made a winter ascent of Ben Nevis in Scotland, has climbed 3 high-altitude volcanoes in Ecuador, including the worlds tallest active volcano, Cotopaxi, and has trekked various parts of the Indian and Nepali Himalaya, including reaching the base camps of two 8000m peaks: Annapurna and Kangchenjunga. Rohan’s newest passion lies in aquatic adventures. He has attained the PADI Master Scuba Diver rating and while his favorite dive spots are WWII wrecks in the Asian Pacific, his love of traveling off the beaten path has led him to colder water pursuits. He has recently returned from diving the Silfra Fissure, an underwater rift between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates in the near freezing waters of Thingvellir, Iceland.

Rohan is passionate about sharing the knowledge and life experience he has gained from his adventures all over the world. Dream an adventure and Rohan will walk to the ends of the earth (he has covered most of it already) to transform your vision into a reality.