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This will be your home to the latest happenings in the world of Amara Adventures LLC. Here is where we will keep you up to date on the adventures of your fellow Amara explorers. We will also share with you insights into the nature of travel, adventure and exploration. Most of all this will be a place for you to come engage with us, share your thoughts and tell us what adventure means to you. We encourage you to comment on every post we write to build a community of human beings with a passion for the unknown. On many occasions, we will welcome posts from you and anyone you know, so you too will be able to tell the world how your journeys have changed your life. This blog is for you…

Who are we?

Posted on Mar 1, 2012 in Miscellaneous | 0 comments

Who are we?

Amara Adventures LLC is a vehicle to transport you on this journey beyond time and into the eternal. There are moments in life when we exist without past or future; there is only the NOW. Even if only for a minute, these fleeting glimpses into the infinity of our being transform us for the rest of our lives.

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