Greetings, fellow explorers

In today’s world, almost every corner of the globe has been touched by man and immortalized on to a map. Some of history’s greatest explorers, Vasco Da Gama, Marco Polo and Amerigo Vespucci all traveled deep into the unknown without the benefit of a detailed map or Google to guide their way.

Today, the unknown lies not on some map, but deep within us.

Hundreds or even thousands of people might have been where you wish to tread. The Internet may be adorned with pictures and guides of the places you have only dreamt of in your mind.

Right now, with just a click of a button, you have access to the summit of Kilimanjaro. But here at Amara Adventures, we believe that the goal is not just the summit. We believe the journey itself is the destination. From the second the desire takes root in your mind, to the preparation, the flight and each day’s trek up the mountain, every moment is an opportunity to grow and learn something new about yourself. Within the journey lies your own personal and individual unknown.

Just by being here and reading this, you too have become an explorer. An explorer of the human spirit. Rest assured, that will never be conquered. There will always be a new frontier. So join us, fellow explorers, let us travel the world and discover our infinite potential together.