Garwhal Himalayas

The Garhwal Himalayas


T.G. Longstaff, the first person to climb a peak over 7,000 meters, said this of the Garhwal Himalayas:

“I still believe that Garhwal, is the most beautiful country of all Asia. Neither the primitive immensity of Karakoram, aloof domination of Mt. Everest, the softer Caucasian beauties of the Hindu Kush, nor any of the many other regions of Himachal can compare with Garhwal. Mountains and valleys, forests and alps, birds and animals, butterflies and flowers, all combine to make sum of delight unsurpassable elsewhere.The human interest is stronger than in any other mountain region of the world, for these anciently named peaks are written of in the earliest annals of the Indo-Aryan Race.”

The Garwhal Himalayas are home to Nanda Devi, the highest peak residing entirely in India. The trekking options in these magnificent peaks are restricted only by your imagination. If you have another trip or offering in mind that is not listed below, please feel free to contact us and we will be sure to actualize your dreams! Continue to check in on us as there will continuously be new trips added to this page.

Nanda Devi Alpine Trek

Duration: 19 Days
Cost: Click on trip details for cost breakdown
Start Dates: April-June. September-November
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