Who are we?

Who are we?

In the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit, the word Amara translates to eternal or immortal. The English Theologian William Law said of time, “ask what time is, it is nothing else but something of eternal duration become finite, measurable and transitory.”

Our goal is to take you back into a world where time remains something of eternal duration. A world where your every waking minute is not guided by mundane routine. A world where you do not need to distract yourself with an overwhelming onslaught of information coming from a countless number of sources. In our world, we ask you to slow down and take in the breathtaking beauty of a single moment. It may seem incomprehensible at first, but push yourself outside your comfort zone and you will find that the realm of possibility lies in the unknown.

Amara Adventures LLC is a vehicle to transport you on this journey beyond time and into the eternal. There are moments in life when we exist without past or future; there is only the NOW. Even if only for a minute, these fleeting glimpses into the infinity of our being transform us for the rest of our lives. Having experienced such moments in his adventures all over the world, our owner Akshay Nanavati created Amara Adventures LLC to share these experiences with you.

So join us and experience all that the world has to offer…

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